Art & Music Collide - Asobi Seksu "Breathe Into Glass"

[Photos by Sean McCabe]

We've been fans of Asobi Seksu since their humble beginnings, which makes us so happy (and maybe even a little proud?) of the continued success and evolution of their already beautiful sound. To classify them as shoegaze would be both accurate and criminal, as they embody something fuller and lusher than the genre tag would suggest. Yet, it does apply to the lulling magnificence that leading couple and primary songwriters Yuki Chikudate and James Hanna create.

This is why we were so excited to have them both swing by our offices to play acoustically for our Art & Music Collide series during their brief layover between European tours (they're currently in England as we post this). They performed the beautiful (we swear we're really trying to come up with more synonyms for the word beautiful while writing about Asobi) song "Breathe Into Glass", which is currently only available on the b-side of the "Mary & Me" single they put out late last year. As for the background, they left our offices only requesting an "urban winter." We hope you (and Yuki and James) like what we were able to come up with.

The official release date for their new album Hush (Polyvinyl) is next Tuesday, February 17, but if you live in the US, you can already download the new album at Amie Street. And even though they will be in Europe for the next few weeks, Asobi Seksu has promised us they'll be all over the U.S. playing shows next month.

Asobi Seksu "Breathe Into Glass"
Video production by Maia Stern

Art & Music Collide - Asobi Seksu "Breathe Into Glass"