Muse Front Man Matt Bellamy And His Paris Stalker

It might seem like a scene out of Cameron Crow's rock star brazen, 'band-aid' fawning, Almost Famous[2000], but it sounds like Muse front man, Matt Bellamy has a case of the "stalkers" and we're not sure if we should call his bluff or not.

In a recent interview for the band's official forum on their website, the singer revealed that he had a very peculiar encounter with a fan while on the Origin of Symmetry tour in 2001. While sleeping in a Paris hotel, Bellamy found his very own Penny Lane sitting at the bottom of his bed, waiting for the singer to awake. According to Bellamy, "Her vibe could only be described as 'clammy'." The fan had apparently found her way into the hotel without consent of the band, but the startled Bellamy was "as polite as possible of course."

This is not the first instance Bellamy has openly spoke about his alleged stalkers. Just last year, the stoic front man had a run in with a crazed fan from Ireland, who continuously visited Bellamy's home in Italy. The man, adorned in military garb, would leave bottles with written messages in them, and poetry about the end of the world.

"He's trying to create little bits of clues and puzzles that are supposed to lead me to some kind of journey somewhere," said Bellamy in response to his 'stalkers' bizarre behaviors. Bellamy might be a victim of cyber stalking as well, having his share of "Muse Stalkers" on social networking sites as well. We guess poor Matt just can't help his good looks and charm.

Bellamy is currently working on Muse's fourth album with his fellow band mates. The album has yet to have a release date, but we expect some sort of stalker saga might spawn from it as well.

Muse Front Man Matt Bellamy And His Paris Stalker