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Style TV: Soulland at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Silas Adler, the designer behind the Danish label Soulland, was a bit of a child prodigy (or teenage one at least) and has had a special place in out hearts since we discovered his awesome madcapness a few seasons. He started his menswear line seven years ago and only just turned 23, which means he was probably barely out of diapers when he started creating mood boards and styling his moms. The Soulland show was held in the eerily epic and abandoned Carlsburg factory, soon to be turned into a space for Copenhagen's emerging art community and almost got lost wondering around the empty beer tanks on out way up to the show. We caught up with Silas after the show for a collection inspiration breakdown which surprisingly included ghostly mountaineers among other things. Listen out for the show's closing track which was orchestrated by the man himself, and will be available free for download on the site.

Style TV: Soulland at Copenhagen Fashion Week