Is Facebook Run By Our Government?

We love us some conspiracy theories here at the Tripwire, it's what keeps us so jaded and skeptical of everyone and everything. Wait, that's a bad thing? Oh well, either way, this video showing the corporate structure and breakdown of Facebook's privacy policies is definitely on the scary-end of Big Brother conspiracy theories.

We already knew Facebook collects a ton of data on us and everyone who has a profile. As the video creator Kingmannafta goes onto explain, the small print we agree to not only allows our information to be used by and licensed to any third parties Facebook so chooses, your images and postings can be used for advertisements and promotion for both FB and those third parties. Imagine the surprise of seeing that picture of you smoking a bong ending up on a anti-drug commercial ruining your chances of Olympic gold.

But the real juice of the video starts at around the 1:50 mark, when the narrator begins to explain the corporate structure of who's running Facebook -- including radical conservative groups and shareholders with ties to the CIA, US Department of Defense and the recently exposed Information Awareness Office, which was created to "gather as much information as possible about everyone, in a centralized location for perusal by the United States Government."

Considering this video was created in 2006, we're not saying you should subscribe to this theory, but maybe you should re-consider letting everyone on Facebook aware of everything you do. Besides, no one cares about your "25 Things" anyway.

Is Facebook Run By Our Government?