Coldplay To Give Away Free Live Album While Portishead Says You Need To Pay

While the Coldplay crew might be hopping aboard the free-music train this summer, fellow U.K. musicians Portishead will be too busy heating their swimming pools to give away their new album.

Chris Martin isn't be the first person we would expect to give away an album for free, but the Coldplay front man announced that the band is working out plans to give away a free live album to fans who attend their shows this summer. "We are trying to work out a way that, when you hand your ticket in at the door, you get given the recording," said Martin. "It would be such a cool thing to do." Martin noted that during this recession, giving the live album to fans for free would be  a gift. Thanks Chris, for thinking of us little people in such times of economic hardship. You're a real pal.

Portishead on the other hand, is not so economically conscious of the little guy, and instead is taking a polar opposite stance to their oh-so-generous, fellow Brits Coldplay. The band, who is currently free of any sort of recording contract, said they have lots of options for releasing their upcoming record, but it is very unlikely for them to release it for free.

"I don't think that we're into giving out music away for free to be honest." said Geoff Barrow, on the band's MySpace blog. "It fuckin' takes ages to write, and we have to heat our swimming pools!"

We'll see how warm Portishead's swimming pools get when fans inevitably end up illegally downloading the album off the internet for free.

Coldplay To Give Away Free Live Album While Portishead Says You Need To Pay