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Shia LaBeouf Road Trips With Rumspringa, Calls It A Music Video


Apparently that kid from Transformers is also, coincidentally, more than meets the eye. Shia LaBeouf has just finished directing a music video for his friends in L.A. roots rockers Rumspringa.

The single is called "Mind's Awake," and it's from the band's self-titled EP that's out now on Cantora Records. The video is comprised of scenes from a roadtrip with band members Joey Stevens (vocals/guitar) and Itaru de la Vega (drums) from L.A. to the mountains of Colorado.

LaBeouf said that, like most good things (and good road trips, for that matter), there was never really a concept for the video. "We had a plan to road trip to Joey's Dad's house in Colorado (which also happens to be the biggest grouping of monasteries and ashrams in the U.S.)," he said. "With that in mind we Karouac'd it to Colorado with a 16 mm camera and the product of the trip is the 'Mind’s Awake' video.”

Rumspringa - "Mind's Awake"

Rumspringa tour dates
03.12.09 - Phoenix, Ariz. (The Ruby Room)
03.13.09 - El Paso, Texas (Zeppelin’s)
03.17.09 - Dallas, Texas (Lakewood Bar)
03.18.09 - Austin, Texas (SXSW: Echo Spaceland Party)
03.19.09 - Austin, Texas (SXSW: FMLY Show)
03.21.09 - Austin, Texas (SXSW: The Deli Mag Party)

Shia LaBeouf Road Trips With Rumspringa, Calls It A Music Video