For The Record - Foosball With Lady Sovereign

Interview by Derek Evers
Video by Maia Stern

Here's the deal; we hear Lady Sovereign is coming to NY for a couple of intimate shows to promote her latest singles and upcoming LP Jigsaw, which comes out on her very own Midget Records, April 7. Her publicist tells us she's "tired of traditional interviews," but that she likes drinking, video games and futbol. So trying to combine all of these concepts into one, I challenged the foul-mouthed, major-label bouncin', midget of grime to a game of foosball.

Of course we talked and drank a bit while we played at one of our favorite East Village dives, B-Side. She filled me in on her relationship with real midgets, what video games she fancies and her plans to do a Bon Iver-inspired folk album. But whatever Lady Sov tells you, she's rubbish at foosball. I don't want to give away the ending, but I let her win.

For The Record - Foosball With Lady Sovereign