New Music Thursday - Little Comets

[Photo by Jazzy Lemon]

Kitchen sink indie pop. Why kitchen sink? Think "everything but the," and turn it into a musical philosophy, and you've got Little Comets, kitchen sink indie poppers from Newcastle who believe wholeheartedly in the value of the ambush gig.

Since they first formed in 2008, they've never been big fans of doing what the other kids do, like playing concert halls and bars. They prefer university lecture halls and public transportation. But they're no mariachi band on a subway car. They are widly eclectic mix of percussive sound meets solid pop-rock basics meets a little riffin' bass line and some blues guitar.

The band is comprised of borthers Robbie and Mickey and their friends Matt and Mark. Their first single, "One Night in October", was released February 9, and they're currently planning a self-produced, possibly self-released debut album. As well as, of course, plans to "hit a really huge lecture theatre in a prestigious university, to really put the cat amongst the pigeons." Robbie's words, not ours.

Little Comets - "One Night in October"

New Music Thursday - Little Comets