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Coachella Fans Displeased With Killers Headlining


With Coachella just a month and a half away fans have been swarming the event's message boards, posting their discontent about The Killers headlining Saturday night. Generally speaking, Coachella enlists acts of epic proportions to headline the event, so rumors have been circulating that the less-than-epic Las Vegas rockers are just holding Saturday night's spot until a bigger name is released to surprise fans.

Who could it possibly be? According to The Daily Swarm, rumors have been flying rampant about a possible David Bowie performance, or even Bruce Springsteen and Metallica. We're thinking the possibilities of Mr. Springsteen playing are slim, as he's headlining Bonnaroo this year. We sure wouldn't mind hearing Metallica headline, and a Bowie performance would be beyond epic.

Even if Coachella doesn't announce a new headliner for Saturday night, if some fans get their way, you can look forward to some hilarious entertainment on the Conservative Talk Radio Stage. Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly are among the few conservative radio personalities sought out by fans on the message board.

Coachella Fans Displeased With Killers Headlining