Flashback Friday Video - INXS "New Sensation"

As we told you earlier, INXS' Michael Hutchence-replacement is now living in his car after being kicked out of the band. We deemed it only necessary to bring you guys back to the good old days of INXS this Friday; to the days before masturbating-related deaths and bad reality T.V. shows scarred the band's success.

And what better way to do that than with the video for their hit "New Sensation", from 1989?

Formed by the Farriss brothers in 1977, the Austrailian new wavers gained international success throughout the 1980's with singles like "New Sensation", "Never Tear us Apart", and "Need You Tonight". The band continued making an influential mark on the music industry until 1997, when Michael Hutchence, the band's lead singer, known for his good looks, signature sound, and sly charm, "passed away." We put passed away in quotation marks, because the singer was found dead in his Sydney hotel room on INXS' world tour, apparently due to masturbatory causes. Some said Hutchence's death was suicide, but many believe that the evidence left at the scene (a belt, and Hutchence's naked body), pointed to death by autoerotic asphyxiation, aka cutting off the oxygen levels to your brain while you get busy. We guess Hutchence was just trying to find some new sensations...

A heroic death, we think not, but Hutchence's tragic passing forced INXS to take a year off from touring, only to finally succumb to the low-blow we call reality television. The band had a worldwide search on their show, trying to find its new lead singer. The lucky winner ended up being the now unfortunate JD Fortune. Maybe INXS will learn from their mistakes, and look beyond the land of American Idol wanna-be's for their next lead singer.

"New Sensation" was the third single off of INXS' album Kick from 1987, and the song rose to number 3 on Billboard 's Hot 100 in the U.S. In the vein of all things 80s the video has its fair share of choppy cinematography, flashy graphics, and the classic front man hot shots (aka close ups of Michael Hutchence's face and fancy side-steppin' dance moves). The video, and single is a real gem, and we think if Mr. Fortune would have taken some more tips from the late Hutchence's fierce front man qualities shown in this video, then maybe the poor gent wouldn't be living out of his car now.

INXS - "New Sensation"

Flashback Friday Video - INXS "New Sensation"