Michael Hutchence Replacement Kicked Out Of INXS, Living In His Car

Apparently, winning a TV reality show to replace a legend -- albeit one who strangled himself while masturbating -- does not necessarily mean the gig will last. After winning Rock Star: INXS in 2005 to replace original INXS singer Michael Hutchence, things looked promising for JD Fortune, but then he was asked to leave the band after their last tour, and now things are far less, um ... fortunate?

Ok, ok, we couldn't help it. But in a far less funny revelation, apparently the new-now-old INXS singer has been reduced to living in his car after being sacked from the band. In a TV interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, the singer explained his shock at discovering he was out of the band.

"I was in an airport in Hong Kong and literally got handshakes that said 'Thank you very much,'" Fortune said. "I found myself really alone because I had travelled with these guys for 23 months. Some of the audiences we played for were upwards of 80,000 people."

He then showed the camera his car, where he says he has been sleeping in order help finance a solo album called The Death Of A Motivational Speaker.

"This is 'Chateaux JD Fortune' right now," he says as he shows the presenter the car. "I don't know where I'm going, from sofa to sofa, from night to night. I'm trying to get through my life."

According to NME, a spokeswoman for INXS refused to comment on Fortune's alleged sacking.

Michael Hutchence Replacement Kicked Out Of INXS, Living In His Car