Is This Really An Unreleased Version Of The Beatles Playing "Revolution 1"?


“Take your knickers off and let’s go” Beatles fans, because an unreleased version of “Revolution 1” has apparently worked its way onto YouTube for all to hear; and it’s quite the ear full at that. The version is “Take 20″ of the legendary Beatles’ song, which is found on the acclaimed and influential self-titled album (better known as The White Album).

Unlike “Revolution 1″, “Take 20″ is over ten minutes in length, and seems to be the missing link between “Revolution 1″ and “Revolution 9″. The song starts with the same “Revolution 1″ lyrics and composition, but rather than fading out around the 4 minute mark, the song begins to become more experimental — adding in new loops and developmental sounds that would be more likely to be heard on “Revolution 9″.

The intriguing vocal effects and exploratory arrangements carry on for a good five minutes throughout the song as George Harrison’s “shooby-doo-wop” vocals remain as the backbone of the lengthy version of the song. It’s a head trip to say the least, but we think the unreleased version of the song could definitely work as a mind-bending tool for all those Beatles fans out there who are relentlessly in search of the holy grail of Beatles recordings.

Though the song has been released onto the internet, it has not been officially confirmed as an authentic Beatles recording. We’d be highly disappointed if this was the case, but no information has surfaced containing how the material found its way onto YouTube. We’re really hoping this isn’t just some obsessive fan’s funny ploy, and that the bizarre banter at the end of the track really is some interesting exchange between Yoko and John.

Assumedly, The Beatles – “Revolution 1 (Take 20)”

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  1. juepucta says:

    Anybody have a proper mp3 of this?


  2. juepucta says:


    And yeah, ’tis authentic.


  3. d-w says:

    Already pulled from Youtube

  4. TAMSIN24 says:

    Wow, we’re being spoiled!!! Now a different mix of Revolution 9 has appeared. Does anyone know if this is official?…