Pavement Reunite… To Play 70s Funk And Soul Covers?


After hours of text messages, phone calls, and the typical Nashville rumor, it was obvious something was going down at the East Side’s resident club, The 5 spot. Their MySpace had it marked as a “secret show,” and word on the street was an illustrious Pavement reunion would be going down, and rock ‘n’ roll history would be changed. Not exactly the case. The original percussionist for the now 10-year deceased band, Bob Nastanovich, was getting hitched on Saturday in Nashville — and well, the so-called Pavement reunion was supposed to be somewhat of a private reception affair.

But much to the annoyance of the wedding party, word had leaked on the street, and there were over 200 people packed in a normally 100 or so person venue. Most people filed through the doors about 8:30, which is insanely abnormal in the first place considering most of Nashville doesn’t make it out til’ the midnight oil starts burning. Nearly two hours later after the house bluegrass band had long cleared the stage and the crowd was beyond their tipsy limit, something began to happen. Yes, Pavement showed up, but not like you would think.


Longtime Silver Jews band members William Tyler and Brian Kotzur took the stage with a slew of other folks to hammer out a night of 70s funk and soul covers along with the odd diversion into the likes of Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” and you know, “Jessies Girl.” That song just can’t be escaped, not even at a Pavement members wedding reception. All the members of Pavement sang during at least one track, and the entire band minus Scott Kanberg, were on the stage for a hilarious rendition of “Rock This Party.”


After a while, the hipsters filed out and this just turned into one big party, one that nobody really felt like they belonged at but wouldn’t head out the door in fear of missing something. David Berman even showed up for a minimal period of time. He had a look of confusion on his face due to the audience and bailed shortly after. Smart guy. For those that were let down, they got the pleasure of seeing Malkmus rock the building with “Come and Get Your Love” — and if that’s not enough to please your 5 dollar cover, then I don’t know what is. While this may have been the closest thing we’ll see to a Pavement reunion until some huge festival inevitably pays for their return, it was an honor just to attend one of the most confusing, enduring parties of the winter. Good grief.


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