Faith No More Will Reunite For Summer Tour


While there was speculation abound about a possible reunion for one of the big U.S. festivals (maybe helped along a bit by our own rumor-mongering), all hope was lost when most of line-ups were announced. But what was once only a rumor is now official: Faith No More will reunite for a summer tour.

As confirmed tonight by his label and publicist, Mike Patton has announced that Faith No More will be reuniting for a European summer tour. While no other info has been given, we’ve been told that the tour will only take place in Europe, the dates are “to come” and there are absolutely no plans to tour the States. We’ve also been informed that Patton — as presumed — will not be doing interviews about the subject. So start booking your time now with Imperial Teen to try and get the word from Roddy Bottom.

Faith No More’s last performing line-up consisted of Patton, Bottom, drummer Mike Bordin, bassist Billy Gould and guitarist Jon Hudson. No word yet if iconic “Epic” guitar-soloist (and primary guitar player for most of the band’s existence) Jim Martin, or original singer Chuck Mosely will be involed.

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  2. julio says:

    Sounds like a dream made in VH1 heaven!

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  7. olivier says:

    Where did you see this new confirmed by Ipecac ? There’s nothing about that on the label’s website ?

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  9. boone says:

    Tripwire you smarmy bastards!!! You got all my hopes up and they’re not even gonna be playing the States. Think you coulda put that in the headline. Yeah, maybe you got an extra page view outta me, but my heart just broke a little too. Faith No More come play Chicago, pretty please?

  10. make pattons wife says:

    no one wants chuck back, patton all the way.

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  20. igor says:

    Maravilha…podiam vir ao Brasil também!!!

  21. superbeast says:

    hahahahahahahaa good thing FAITH NO MORE aren’t touring the u.s

    finally we get good music touring europe

  22. tecd says:

    HELL YEAH GODDAMMIT, ITS ABOUT TIME! those fat bastards should start right here in Portugal, where it was their last official show back then,,, (italy was the absolute last one, but already dismembered, maybe) . At last, the only concert i’ll GO to since 2007. only shitloads of bands lately..(exept for Tool)

  23. Papa Lazarou says:

    Hey cool, I cannot wait to get tickets!

    Just hope they play Brixton Academy again. Some really great memories, FNM are one of the greatest bands in the world. Plus I remember I met a sexy young japanese girl who played with a me all the wahy through the gig right in front of the stage, ahh good times LOL!

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  25. Извините, как можно добавить свой материал на сайт?

  26. Pamela says:

    Come to New York!!!! PLEEEEEEASE!!!

  27. wootlyroulk says:

    Вот так,несогласен с предыдущими высказываниями
    ^..^ :-)

  28. wootlyroulk says:

    Да,несогласен с предыдущими высказываниями
    Споки :-)

  29. butthle says:

    come on people………….like mike wnts this………….:):):):)

  30. luis says:

    son bien chingones vengan a culiacan sinaloa mex. ya hace falta una banda de calidad aki vengan cabrones

  31. panagiotis kalogiannis says:

    from greece… 10th of august athens is an empty city the only thing will happen is the FNM live please be creative be KING FOR A DAY…you have to do it dont let them die with that silly look in their eyes

  32. Hi’ FNM- Please come to US”"–love every thing you do! Mike Patton is a musical Genius!!

  33. You will never hear a F—in” audience like here in Mass…Arrrrhhh!!1

  34. Siobahn Schwass says:


  35. Nicki Minaj says:

    Nicki’s latest song Right Thru Me is really a great blessing! The hook is infectious and she shows that she is still lyrical in the verses!