Mystery Jets Cause A Riot In Mexico

Upon their first ever visit to Mexico last week, the English lads of Mystery Jets created quite the stir upon their arrival, causing a riot at one of their live radio station gigs in Mexico City. "We didn't know what to expect because none of us had ever been there," said Blaine Harrison, front man of the band, to NME. "People had scanned our photos from the internet and put them on their t-shirts. They're quite obsessive down there."

Harrison explained that fans who had purchased tickets for shows that were previously canceled, swarmed to the band's radio station performance, which turned into a bit of a riot. The Mystery Jets continued to recognize their mass-Mexican fan base while in the country, when they were scheduled as the headliners for the MX Beat Festival in Guadalajara.

"We turned up and it turned out we were headlining above Cat Power!" said Harrison. "We freaked out and we were like, wooh, there are too many people. But people knew all the lyrics, and they've invited us back to do two more festivals in Mexico in mid-March."

After leaving Mexico, Mystery Jets made their way to New York last night, where they played the Bowery Ballroom, and will be traveling back to London to continue working on their new album.

Mystery Jets Cause A Riot In Mexico