Video Premiere - Findlay Brown "Love Will Find You"

Best known for his soothing, melodic voice and instrumentals on "Come Home" from that Mastercard commercial, Findlay Brown has released a new video for his single, "Love Will Find You", and we've got the U.S. premiere for you right here.

Channeling influences like Roy Orbinson and Phil Spector, Findlay Brown takes a step away from his better known calming, folk sound, and instead has created a song that sounds much more like a modern day version of Orbinson's "Only The Lonely". Brown's video sets the singer up in a 1950-esque television studio, adorned in suit and tie and the classic greased back hair to match. Though Brown doesn't posses the lyrical prowess of his influences, he makes a solid attempt creating a revived 1950's swing-step sound with a video to match.

With such a soulful sound, it's surprising such a suave musician as Brown was once a bare-knuckle boxer in Yorkshire, England, who made his way to music after feeling discontent with his violent hobby. Brown soon after bought a guitar with the money he got from selling his grandfather's collection of Beatles' autographs, and began honing his craft as a musician. "Love Will Find You" was inspired by some time Brown had off after nursing a broken leg, causing him to get back to the basics, rediscovering the sounds of his early musical influences like Elvis Presley, and other late 1950s and 60s artists. According to Brown, he wanted to try and work out a song that was as universally great as "Stand By Me," and we think he's at least made a great attempt with "Love Will Find You."

Findlay Brown - "Love Will Find You"

Video Premiere - Findlay Brown "Love Will Find You"