Blur And Libertines Talk Reunions, Robert Smith In The Running For Mighty Boosh Film + More From The NME Shockwave Awards

Noel Fielding wants Robert Smith to guest star in the upcoming Mighty Boosh film, Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon shared the stage for the first time in a decade and Pete Doherty said he has ways of convincing Carl Barat to reunite The Libertines. Yes, it was all going down at the NME Shockwave awards. But, honestly -- can you expect any less from a program that sends its winners home with a giant bronzed middle finger?

The award categories in last night's ceremony ranged from the standard stuff (Best International Band went to The Killers, while Best British Band went to Oasis) to the slightly more whimsical (the award for Godlike Genius went to Robert Smith and The Cure) to the completely out of place (Villain of the year for the sixth year running was George W. Bush, with Hero of the Year going to President Barack Obama, because apparently even the British would've Baracked the vote, had they been allowed the opportunity).

But in between giving out top honors for wardrobe choices, both best (Alexa Chung) and worst (Amy Winehouse), there were some notable happenings. The most notable, of course, was the on-stage reunion of Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon. Their first time playing together in nearly a decade, they performed a stripped-down version of "This Is a Low." Albarn said the preparations for the impending Blur reunion are going well, and that they're "taking it really easy .... just doing it once a week and enjoying it -- playing every album, every song."

But they weren't the only ones talking reunions -- not shockingly, Pete Doherty still has dollar signs (or probably pound signs, really) floating in front of his eyes and is determined to cash in on a Libertines reunion. Doherty took home the award for Best Solo Artist last night, and told NME that he will convince Carl Barat to get the band back together. The two did a joint interview in which Barat didn't seem as adamant as he was before that a reunion was out of the question. Doherty said he would twist his arm. Literally.

It was also a big night for The Cure, with the band taking home the award for Godlike Genius (presented by Tim Burton, for no other discernable reason than that he looks eerily like Robert Smith), and Noel Fielding of The Mighty Boosh declaring his desire to have Robert Smith play his uncle in the upcoming Mighty Boosh film. The show won the award for Best TV Show.

And then there was Dizzie Rascal, who proved you can actually be completely unaware you were nominated for an award and still take one home.

Finally, it must be said: any award show that a.) has categories for the worst band and worst album of the year and b.) gives both of those awards to The Jonas Brothers, is a-okay in our book.

Blur And Libertines Talk Reunions, Robert Smith In The Running For Mighty Boosh Film + More From The NME Shockwave Awards