New Music Thursdays - dANA


Another freak, electronic outfit who now calls Brooklyn home and like giving away their music for free, which is good news for us. With an ambiance of Soft Circle, the frenetic craziness of Lucky Dragons and the pop sensibilities of Dan Friel, dANA mixes anything and everything to pull off hipster noise-art that doesn't make us cringe.

Once again taking a tip from our friends who have their ears firmly planted to the ground, Impose posted the entire Vvssta EP ("Vista") here, of which we have the unquestionable banger, "Luv Express". But before you go condemning Impose for just giving it away, take note of dANA's musical philosphies. The Bard-based band with ties to warped electronic projects like Best Hits and GDFX preaches, "free share, no violence// say NO to copyright, NO to agro music bros, NO to grassroots capitalism, NO to limited edition fetish, NO to lmt edt'd krautpsychfuzzpsyche. death to the cult of genius+beauty. tear down the boys-only music club. !! ffree is easyy/ easy is fun. copyright is boring violence of+against minds. copy/use/steal/share/burn/decompose/dissemble/eat/profanatize/de-sanitize." [sic]

Coming soon to a d.i.y. show or a NY Times review near you.

dANA - "Luv Express"

New Music Thursdays - dANA