New Music Thursdays - Fresh Legs

When you listen to a band and you can't immediately draw up four or five or fifty other bands with whom to draw a comparison in a review like this, you know you've stumbled onto something with some potential. And indie-punk foursome Fresh Legs has the potential to be the coolest thing to come out of Portchester since Neil Gaiman.

Fresh Legs is Thom, Carl, Karl and Ella. They've recently joined forces with UK independent label Cool For Cats and will be releasing a new single with the label soon.

"Samwise", which you can check out below, was released in September. (You can hear the B-Side, "Castle", on the band's MySpace). The guitar riffs and rhythms are signature punk -- quick, almost frantic -- and Ella's voice goes from casual to shrill-almost-bursting in 2.5 seconds. And synchronized hand claps that manage somehow to not sound like synchronized hand claps? It's a dance party waiting to happen.

Fresh Legs - "Samwise"

New Music Thursdays - Fresh Legs