Blur Confirmed For Glastonbury

As we told you earlier in the week, Bruce Springsteen is confirmed as a headliner for the Glastonbury Festival this year, but now the newly reunited Blur have confirmed they too will be playing the festival this year.

After rumors ran rampant about the band possibly performing at the festival, Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, confirmed to the Daily Mirror that they would surely be performing this year. "Yeah we're doing Glasto this year. We were asked last year, but we turned them down."

The band is also playing at Hyde Park in the U.K. on July 3, which was supposed to be the bands big reunited debut before they announced their Glastonbury confirmation.

Albarn and Graham Coxon gave us a taste of what's to come at Glastonbury, at the Shockwaves NME awards, which was their first performance together in nine years, but we are hoping we will be hearing even more from the band before then. Albarn tossed around the possible idea of the band playing a few gigs before the festival saying, "We need a few more warm-up gigs to get back into it, ready for the big one. Glastonbury's great."

The Glastonbury festival will take place on June 24-28, and is known for hosting a wide range of performers. Last year's festival included the likes of Jay-Z, Kings of Leon, and The Verve among many other performers.

Blur Confirmed For Glastonbury