Flashback Friday Video - Faith No More "Epic"

According to our Google analytics, the biggest news story this week was the confirmation of Faith No More reuniting for a European Summer tour. So what other video could we run? I mean, really?

There's something so incredibly 90s about "Epic" -- like everything about it. From the corny graphics of an eyeball in a hand shooting out goo in the beginning, to the lightning bolts shooting down to Jim Martin's guitar when he plays the solo, right down to the flopping fish at the end, it has us longing for flannels, Dickies shorts, tribal tattoos and that haircut where you wear it long, but shave it all underneath. In fact, I think Mike Patton is rocking that look in "Epic", but I digress...

A little known fact about Faith No More is that they actually had Courtney Love as a singer pre-the Chuck Mosely days. Although this relationship only lasted 6 months and four gigs before she was fired, the common misconception is that Mosely was the band's first vocalist. Fast forward to the hiring of Patton after Jim Martin heard a demo of him singing for the always amazing Mr. Bungle, which resulted in Patton dropping out of Humboldt State University to join the band, and in two weeks, had written all the lyrics for the songs that would make up the Grammy award-nominated The Real Thing.

One record and "Epic" video later, and FNM's place was secured in music history. The video for "Epic" received extensive airplay on MTV in 1990, despite provoking anger from animal rights activists for the slow motion shot of a fish flopping out of water at the end. Aside from the video, their performance on Saturday Night Live, which saw Patton climb the rafters while singing "Epic", helped solidify their status as a stadium rock band.

Faith No More - "Epic"

Flashback Friday Video - Faith No More "Epic"