Sheryl Crow, Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago Play Gig For Bailed-Out Bank, Should Probably Prep For Hate Mail


When we called for a bail-out of the music industry a while back, this wasn’t exactly what we had in mind. Turns out Sheryl Crow, Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire got some individual bail-out funding recently when they played a corporate gig for Northern Trust of Chicago — a bank that got $1.5 billion in bailout money, and then laid off 450 employees. Classy.

Our friends at The Daily Swarm tipped us off to the general disapproval of the entire internet.

The New York Times resident firey red-head, Maureen Dowd, summed up the lavish events in a recent column:

Northern No Trust had a lavish dinner at the Ritz Carlton on Wednesday with a concert by Chicago (at a $100,000 fee); rented a private hangar at the Santa Monica Airport on Thursday for another big dinner with a gig by Earth, Wind & Fire, and closed down the House of Blues on Sunset Strip on Saturday (at a cost of $50,000) for a dinner and serenade by Sheryl Crow.

The Flavorwire reminded us that Forbes ranked Sheryl Crow’s estimated net worth in 2007 at $6 million. So now not only are our banks dishing out hundreds of thousands for unnecessary expenses, artists we thought were liberal and maybe even just a little bit on our side (even though they’re worth 600 times what most of the rest of us are worth) are lining up to take that dirty money without an apparent smidge of guilt.

And as for the 450 people who got laid off from Northern Trust just a short while before this extravaganza, well — we imagine they’re mad about more than just missing the party. In an October 2006 interview, Crow had the following to say: “I think what’s happening in our business — although I feel like it’s slightly karmic, it is what it is. It’s a failing business.”

Karmic, Sheryl? You believe in Karma? Then we recommend you watch for falling pianos.

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  1. J Purcell says:

    Eh, it seems everyone is looking for a scapegoat for their economic pain, but cheap populism is not the way to go in my opinion. I think Ms. Dowd do not have a clue to the facts. Also I think that when you quote TMZ you lost credibility. “According to TMZ”… WTF? Come on, guys.

    Anyway, contracts for shows at conventions, charity events, business meetings etc. (so called “private gigs”) are set up months and months in advance (one year in this case, if memory serves me correctly). I suspect if you violate your contract by not showing up or announcing at the last minute that you’re not going to show – that’s called breach of contract — and you can be sued for that. Further, private funds were already allocated by Northern Trust.

    So what’s the fuss? It’s easy (and comical too) point finger on the performers, especially after years of bad government, a war in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of civilians killed and billions wasted. Speaking of karma, where are those million of pissed taxpayers so anxious to bomb foreign countries wasting our money (not to mention killing people)?

  2. name says:

    No, I think a thorough list of ‘how taxpayer dollars were wasted as employees were laid off’ should be made available to the public and pronto. It’s OUR money.

    Btw, Sheryl Crow, EWF and Chicago are not very good.

  3. silver flute says:

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