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FADER TV: Where in the World Is... Bun B

Little known fact: the FADER conference room is actually the world's first and only luxury teleportation device. It can transport up to 37 people across the farthest reaches of space and time, with full wet bar service and wi-fi. And it goes everywhere, whether the deepest ocean blue or the remotest of faraway hinterlands, at any point in history you so choose. So when the venerable Bun B came through our office the other day to play us the spectacular yet final UGK album (RIP Pimp C), we decided to be hospitable and offer Bun a free ride to the heart of the Astrodome, in his home turf of Houston. Bun was so satisfied with our little crack time-traveling operation he was compelled to do an exclusive freestyle. After he was through, we had a comfortable ride back to the safety of our block in Chelsea, sure as little chocolate Charlie balled around town in the VIP of the Glass Elevator. Take that, Swedes!

FADER TV: Where in the World Is... Bun B