Video/Stream: Deep Red, “Fun Girl”

A few years ago, we saw Nomi perform at a barbecue at a bar. We knew then that her voice was major but the rest of the show was a bit thin. She played over super billionth-rate Wu Tang beats, if memory serves, with them being played on the PA through a CD Walkman. So back when we heard she’d be on the Hercules and Love Affair record we were stoked to hear her backed by some force. Then we saw her sing “Blind” and the wowee factor went through the roof. Now with a slightly whittled group of three—Andrew Roposo and Morgan Wiley, also of Hercules and Love Affair—she is singing with Deep Red. They played their first show a few weeks back. Nomi wore a cape. The dudes looked like dudes. And the music sounded like a thicker more future focused version of what she does in Hercules, a cybernetic pronouncement as opposed to a forlorn disco sob. Word on the street is that “Fun Girl” is coming out as a 12-inch some time soon, but this video and a stream of the song on their Myspace works as a tease for now. And for those of you in New York you can catch Deep Red at Highline Ballroom on March 20th.

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