Sam Hillmer Of Zs New Project: The Fly Girlz


Sam Hillmer of Zs has embarked upon a new project, and no we're not talking about his work with Dirty Projectors or MOTH. Turns out the Brooklyn native and music appreciation teacher is working with underprivileged youths in urban areas of New York to create awareness through music for a program called Representing NYC. But it doesn't stop there. Hillmer and some of his industry friends will help release Representing NYC's first project, an album from The Fly Girlz -- a group of young girls ranging from ages 12 to 14 from Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The young, all girl hip-hop act will be releasing their first record Da Bratz From Da Ville, which was produced by Excepter's Nathan Corbin, on Mach 31 via True Panther Sounds (Lemonade, Girls, Standing Nudes). The Fly Girlz took six months to write and record their new album, which focuses on a variety of subject matters, ranging from boys, clothes, school and other troubles that effect the young girls in their day to day lives. Though it might not be the typical sound heard from Hillmer or Corbin, or even from your average hip-hop record, the positivity behind the collaboration on the recordings reigns supreme.

Hillmer's Representing NYC project has brought indie musicians and producers together with Brooklyn youths, to help illustrate the opportunities and outlets for young aspiring musicians. Steering clear of endorsements and corporate labels, Representing NYC is being funding by a vast group of social organizations including, Brooklyn Public Schools, The Beacon Center For Arts and Leadership, Teen Action, and Sockets CDs, among many others.

To hear The Fly Girlz firsthand, you can listen to a few tracks on the Representing NYC MySpace page, or even better -- attend the series launch party on Friday, March 13 at The New Museum, where they will be performing songs from their upcoming album.

Sam Hillmer Of Zs New Project: The Fly Girlz