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Video: Art Spiegelman's Be a Nose! Trailer

It's pretty weird to think about how Maus so completely overshadowed everything Art Spiegelman ever did and probably will ever do. In fact, it's a disservice, considering dude co-founded Raw, the seminal underground comics and art anthology of the '80s, has published numerous short works, done a whole bunch of great New York covers and generally continues to experiment with an entire art form. Or maybe it's just that he has yet to publish anything as substantial as Maus. Regardless, Be a Nose!, the McSweeney's published collection of Spiegelman's sketchbooks is not going to knock Maus out of its Really Important Work throne, but it will provide an insightful look into the process of one of the more important graphic artists of our generation. In a move most likely designed to avoid the kind of heavy handedness we just applied to Spiegelman's work, the Black Keys' Patrick Carney scored a brief and breezy animated trailer that highlights some of the awesome shit between the book's covers and is also really fun to watch.

Video: Art Spiegelman's Be a Nose! Trailer