Bjork's Nattura-Summer 2008 Documentary To Hit iTunes Tomorrow

Bjork's Icelandic documentary Nattura-Summer 2008, which focuses on the environmental issues facing Iceland, is done and ready to be released tomorrow, March 10, exclusively on iTunes

The documentary, directed by Charlie Lightening, focuses on the proposal to increase the use of aluminum smelters as a way to control Iceland's natural energy. Featuring commentary from Bjork and other prominent Icelandic figures, the film is centered around the use of alternative means to the industrial practices. The documentary also features discussion and debates about the Icelandic environment, including interviews with environmentalists and scholars, Omar Ragnarsson and Andri Snaer Magnason. 

All of the proceeds for the film go to the Nattura Campaign, which Bjork is greatly involved with. The campaign was founded in attempts to generate alternative and eco-friendly ways to vitalize Iceland's resources. 

"It is now more important than ever before to emphasize a respect for nature," Bjork said about the Nattura Campaign. "I believe that profits, technological advances and working together with nature can all go hand in hand. None need to be sacrificed at the expense of the others."

Bjork's Nattura-Summer 2008 Documentary To Hit iTunes Tomorrow