Early Man, Red Fang @ The Studio At Webster Hall | NYC

Photos by Gina Erdmann

I headed off to the Studio at Webster Hall to catch one of the more respected metal bands at this moment, Early Man. Having never witnessed them live before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Two Flying-V's and lots of hair later, I've come to realize why these guys are adored by true metalheads.

[Red Fang]

The night started with opener Red Fang, and while they were tight and not without merit, they tended to be a bit more on the rockin' side of metal. The way Clutch can fall under a metal veil, but in essence they're just a heavy rock band. This is how I perceived Red Fang's set and it left me wondering if Early Man was in this vein of heavy.

[Early Man]

I did not have to wonder long however, because as soon as they took the stage to soundcheck, the sight of two Flying V's quickly let me know this band was either really metal, or really ironic. Either would be a treat, but thankfully, I don't have to go into a tirade about bands being ironic (to be fair, most metal bands do not tread the irony trail), and what I heard on this night was pure visceral enjoyment. From thrashing, to tapping to solos and lightning speed chugging, Early Man embodied everything that made early Metallica or Slayer great. They practically blew the speakers out of the much-too-small venue. I say it was too small, because by the end of their set, everyone in attendance was asking where their hearing went.

Early Man, Red Fang @ The Studio At Webster Hall | NYC