The Singles Collection - Outer Spacist, Sneakers, Silk Flowers

The Singles Collection is contributor Jason Jackowiak’s weekly column focusing on rare and essential 7″ releases. We gladly accept all types of 7" for consideration.

In this week's Singles Collection, we visit some of the outer reaches of the sonic spectrum, with a voyage to some of the odder corners. This week's trio of bands, two of which were reared deep in the ruddy Midwest, while the third is a gaggle of NYC miscreants, all currently plumb the depths of strange aural cocktails and willful obfuscation in their quest for, well, whatever the hell it is they're looking for.

Getting us started this week is the debut offering from Columbus stargazers Outer Spacist, "The Mind is as Outer Space" b/w "I Talk with Telepathy Baby" on Columbus Discount Records. True to their name, they do seem to be from another planet entirely, albeit one populated by the ghosts of '60s psych lords like The Seeds, Roky Erickson and Strawberry Alarm Clock. The A-Side is cut at 45, the B-Side at 33, which, if your not paying attention, drastically changes your initial impression of the flipside. Anyway, the A-Side is a sizzling romp, an acid-fried guitar rave-up accentuated by fat organ stabs, wildly oscillating synths and vocal histrionics the bridge the gap between Iggy and Black Randy. The B-Side is just as stunning, beginning life with a strange interpolation of "We've Only Just Begun". then blasting itself into the cosmos on a stuttering backbeat and a skuzzy wall of shimmering, reverb-laden guitars and amazing lyrics like, "i'm a motherfucking space man, baby" (or that's what it sounds like he's on about) before the whole thing disintegrates into a raygun-wielding outro that sounds like someone hitting Buck Rogers with a sledgehammer. These are still available direct from CDR, or from your favorite local purveyor of the phonographic arts.

Next up we've got sneak peek of the new side-project from Chicago's cosmic-Kraut lords Cave, Sneakers' Children Into People EP on the always awesome Permanent Records imprint. This 6-song effort emanates a hissing, This Heat-type malevolence from every pore, which, is definitely a very good thing. It's cut at 33rpm, but at 45rpm it sounds like a hyper-speed Durutti Column, or some type of fantastic racket that would have caused people (drug-riddled or otherwise) to go bonkers at the Hacienda in '82. Every track here is a scorcher, but the highlight of the A-Side has to be "Chick Freaked Out", a barn-burner of a tune prone to short, violent outbursts and that arrives crammed to the gills with terse, urgent riffing and heavily FX'd vocals that sound, in the best way possible, like a cross between Howard Devoto and Wayne Coyne. On the flip, closer "Nudes" takes the cake, with its demonic grooves and delirious clap-trapping. These aren't out just yet, but make sure to check with Permanent Records soon to get you some.

Last but not least this week, we've got the new offering from Silk Flowers, "In This Place and Time" b/w "Frost" on Dean Spunt's always intriguing Post Present Medium, the follow-up to their rapturously received self-released debut 7". For some reason, it's difficult to shake the feeling that the A-Side should be played at 78rpm, but regardless, it's a killer slice of slow-burning punk noir, replete with a twittering melody and menacing keyboard lines that anchor the whole show in the murk. The flipside, "Frost", is an oozing slice of organ-drenched meta-stain, pitched somewhere between B-Movie horror soundtracks and the incessantly chanted refrain the "It's a Small World After All" ride at Disney. This is still widely available, but who knows for how long.

That's all we've got for you this week, but make sure to hit us up again soon, as we've got some mega-awesome, super secret squirrel surprises (and a few changes) in store in the weeks to come.

The Singles Collection - Outer Spacist, Sneakers, Silk Flowers