Joaquin Pheonix @ LIV Fontainebleau | Miami

Twitter correspondence and camera phone proof provided by Will Suter

It was as if Jesus failed to walk on water. Totally stoked for Joaquin Pheonix to kill it and instead got 3 mins of stand-still rap performance and him jumping into the audience to pummel a spectator. Willem Dafoe was onstage hanging out with some mega-babes, while Kraze and Klever held it down on the decks. Let's leave it to a twitter-like correspondence from the crowd:

Pedro Wyatt: He jumped off stage and attacked someone.
Pedro Wyatt: Play by play
Pedro Wyatt: He comes on stage
Pedro Wyatt: Raps, terribly
Pedro Wyatt: Crowd kinda unsure how to react
Pedro Wyatt: "Heckler" starts making fun of him
Pedro Wyatt: Joaquin says, I've got a million in the bank, what do u have??
Pedro Wyatt: Then drps the mic and jumps at him
Pedro Wyatt: He's brought back on stage and promptly exits
Pedro Wyatt: That's it
LaLa: Shut up!

Joaquin Pheonix @ LIV Fontainebleau | Miami