New Music Thursdays - U.S. Girls


So last night I went to a show at Death by Audio that featured the likes of well known noisemakers AIDS Wolf, Fiasco and Sightings. Opening the show was Meghan Remy, a Philly-based noise concoctor who goes by the name of U.S. Girls. I've been catching word of her performances for the past few months, but after finally seeing her for myself, I suggest getting acquainted.

A one-woman show drenched in fuzz and reverb a la Wavves or the Dum Dum Girls, but with a much more cerebral approach (see: not as poppy) and vocals that will send shivers down your spine. Unlike the lazy drawl of many of the lo-fi deconstructionists, Meghan takes an almost R&B vibe on her vocals, belting out emphatically over the heavy beats and blips. She's put out a handful of cassette and 7" releases, so in an attempt to auralize her wide range, we're going to offer up an original U.S. Girls track -- "Found On The Ground" -- and her cover of The Dave Clark Five's "Bits And Pieces".

U.S. Girls - "Bits And Pieces"

U.S. Girls - "Found On The Ground"

New Music Thursdays - U.S. Girls