SxSW 2009 - Party Apple Friday

Words, video and photos by Meiyee Apple

Correspondent Meiyee Apple takes us through her guide of SxSW day parties with her search for free music and drinks on Friday, March 20. You can see the Thursday, March 19 installment here.

The Thursday night after my day party extravaganza was filled with Scandinavian bands at the Oya/Oh My Rockness showcase with the Casio Kids, Wavves, and some hardcore band who’s only lyrics for their song “Jeans and Heels” were “jeans” and “heels.” Instead of capping the evening with a late-night party session, I went and ate a “Sloppy Burger” at Magnolia and passed out.

There were high hopes on hitting a bevy of day parties.

The ones that that I hit:
Aussie BBQ with Youth Group
AAM Extravaganza
Reeperbahn Festival Party
Spin Magazine party with the Black Lips, Crystal Method DJing, and Echo and the Bunnymen (totally missed Passion Pit and am still kicking myself for it)

Of course with all that was going on, a lot of parties on my agenda were missed:
BMI Acoustic Brunch (woke up too late)
Onion A/V Club party (long was WAY too line)
Showcasing Scotland at The British Music Embassy (too busy getting hammered at the Spin Party)
The Music Stimulus Event (too busy getting hammered at Spin Party)
Next Big Nashville (too busy getting hammered at the Spin Party)
New Zealand Music Party (too busy getting hammered at the Spin Party)

Upon nightfall, I reported back to the sprawling and wonderful FADER Fort. I had not consumed anything solid all day, despite all the free food at the parties. Hence, the obvious inebriation at the end of my day.

I headed over to the Austin Music Hall for the Touch Tunes Ultimate Party with Datarock, Tricky and Devo. Datarock rocked my socks, Tricky made me fall asleep (due to the lingering booze), and Devo revealed new songs, wore new costumes, and sang the hits. Those old dudes are so timeless.



[Echo And The Bunnymen]

SxSW 2009 - Party Apple Friday