SxSW 2009 - Party Apple Saturday

Words, video and photos by Meiyee Apple

Tripwire correspondent Meiyee Apple takes us through her guide of SxSW day parties with her search for free music and drinks on Saturday, March 21. Check out her Thursday and Friday installments too -- her liver appreciates it.

After the serious day bender from Friday, I felt I had to lay a little low for Saturday. I felt that way, but I didn’t actually do that.

For the sake of this video diary, I needed to hit as many parties as I could, plus it was the last day; my final effort. Of course nothing ever goes as planned.

The Rachael Ray Party had a line half way around the block. As much as I love fancy food and Ra Ra Riot, I don’t like snaking lines just for a tiny nibble and to hear the excessive use of the term “Yum-Oh.” No thanks. [Editor's note: Meiyee's video shows nothing she describes above or below, but we won't fault her for it since she was drinking the whole time.]

After hitting the Carrera Café for food and booze, I stumbled to the Rusty Spur for some Americana from an LA singer/songwriter by the name of Austin Hartley-Leonard. I’ve come to notice that the parties that I attend look sparse, but it really varies depending on my position in relation to the bar.

The Levi's®/FADER Fort had a special treat for all of us. Kanye West performed with special guests Common and Erykah Badu. Watching indie kids dance around pretending they like hip-hop is almost as entertaining as what’s on stage.

Afterward, I roll over to the Perez Hilton party -- as relevant as he is in our music world -- where we were treated with Solange (you may know her sister better), Little Boots, and Perez Hilton bitching about Lady Sovereign being too sick to show up. He continued to berate her, and might as well have put up a picture of her on the stage and paint fake cocaine from her nose and jizz from her mouth. Kanye showed up there as well.

The next late-night jaunt was to the Vice party held at a closed down booty club. It was the usual hellish line only to find out that when you finally were let in barely anyone was inside. Oh, but there was tequila and hardcore bands.

Capping off the night with a trek to Taco Cabana, I’d have to say it was a good SxSW.

Thanks Austin for showing our drunk asses a good time. See you next year.

SxSW 2009 - Party Apple Saturday