Zs Announce First Release On Social Registry For June


A few weeks ago we told you about Sam Hillmer’s new side project, but now we’re talking about the main project — Zs, that is. The trio has a new album hitting the streets June 23.

Music Of The Modern White is the band’s first release on
The Social Registry, and it will be out via a vinyl- and digital-only release. Since forming in 2000, Zs has seen many line-ups, from trio to sextet to quartet before settling in to the current three-piece: Sam Hillmer on tenor sax, Ben Greenberg on electric guitar and Ian Antonio on drums.

The track listing is pretty simple. You’ve got The A Side, or “MMW I”, and The B Side, or “MMW II”. The A Side runs 13:25 and The B Side runs 9:45. It’s prog rock, it’s noise, it’s funk, it’s ambient, it’s bound to be a combined total 23 minutes and 10 seconds of a mind fuck.

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  1. Josh Bloom says:

    I hope they send one to Howard Stern as he’s their most well-known advocate.