Cut Copy, Matt And Kim @ 9:30 Club | DC

Photos by Rez Avissar and Far
Words by Rez Avissar

I made my way down to D.C. Monday night to catch this stop of the tour at the still somewhat intimate (and very packed) 9:30 Club, a place where I attended many memorable shows growing up.

Cut Copy brethren and remixer Knightlife opened and spun between sets, providing French Touch-infused electro and keeping up the night's energetic vibe.

Matt and Kim's set was so well-received that Matt practically tripped over himself grinning and gushing about how much he enjoyed the gig. After the exuberant set, Matt spent a few minutes up front greeting fans and friends in the audience. The show was what you've come to expect from Matt and Kim, only this time the DIY-centric couple hit the larger concert circuit, and oddly enough seemed all the more happy to be there. Matt and Kim always kind of seem on the verge of exploding from their own energy and excitability, and tonight that permanent caffeine buzz was even more intense. But sincerity sometimes can really appeal, and on this night it added to it.

[Matt and Kim]

Cut Copy is a fun band to see live because, especially with their as-yet-limited discography, you are familiar with most or all of the songs, and with the exception of few, each song shares a familiar sugary bounce to it. For an hour and fifteen minutes, the band ripped through selections from their two albums, with the only exception to that being the unreleased "Sands of Time" (which, if you like Cut Copy and haven't heard yet, check it out (now!) on the band's Myspace or on Hype Machine). Other highlights included a surging "Saturdays," and similarly effusive bangers from their latest effort In Ghost Colours, "Hearts On Fire" and "Lights & Music" which bookended their set.

I love the song "A Dream" but it doesn't exactly beg you to dance so I can understand why they leave it off their setlist, but I don't see why they didn't add time for their excellent pairing of "That Was Just A Dream" into "Zap Zap" (which you can watch here by clicking on "Zap Zap" [Incorrectly paired into the same track]).

Cut Copy setlist:
Hearts On Fire
Far Away
Nobody Lost
Autobahn Music Box
Sands of Time
Feel the Love
Unforgettable Season
So Haunted - Knightlife
Out There On The Ice
Right On Target
Strangers In The Wind
Lights And Music

It's pretty easy to take good photos of Cut Copy, with their ceaseless pretty-boy posturing, bouncing, wide-ranging instrumentation and synaesthetic light show (though this in particular has stood out to me), and in between bouts of dancin out, Far and I snapped a ridiculous amount of photos, which has been narrowed down to the 55 or so you see below. Enjoy.

[Cut Copy]

Far's photos:

Cut Copy, Matt And Kim @ 9:30 Club | DC