O+S - "Permanent Scar" and "We Do What We Want To"


Orenda Fink of Azure Ray and Art In Manila, and Scalpelist, aka Cedric LeMoyne, of Remy Zero might sound like an odd-couple collaboration, but the two musicians have come together to form O+S. After a long formed friendship that's been going on for about a decade in Birmingham, AL, O+S is now signed to Saddle Creek Records, and we've got two new tracks from their just-released-yesterday (March 24) self-titled debut: "Permanent Scar" and "We Do What We Want To".

The newly formed musical partners credit David Lynch soundtracks, 10cc and 4AD records as the influences behind the haunting beauty of their new tracks. "I was looking for this balance of light and dark. You don't know why it is dark because it is  actually very light sounding. That is what I was going for," said Fink. 

Fink's original idea for O+S occurred after her stint with Azure Ray, when she went on a series of excursions to collect sounds ranging from Omaha to Haiti. Eventually, Fink wanted collected field recordings and wanted to transform them into loops and songs, so she invited LeMoyne along to help with the collaborative process. 

"We'd take samples of sounds of Haitian rituals, street noises or whatever, then cut them into loops. We'd arrange them into forms and write songs with them, or she might have started a song and I would take some of these sound materials and create bodies of music around it," said LeMoyne. 

Both "Permanent Scar" and "We Do What we Want To" foreshadow a bright picture for what O+S will have to offer us on their debut. Though the collaboration started out as more of an experiment than anything, the two manage to create eloquent arrangements in which the melodies build off of-- creating a sound unique of both Fink and LeMoyne's prior projects, and we think we'll be hearing a lot more from this duo in the future.

O+S - "Permanent Scar"

O+S - "We Do What We Want To"

O+S - "Permanent Scar" and "We Do What We Want To"