New Music Thursdays - Pocahaunted

In keeping with our SxSW New Music Thursday theme, your second band of the day is Pocahaunted, a duo out of Eagle Rock, Califorina, who (depending on who you ask) either call themselves or were once called "the Olsen Twins of blissed-out drone."

Pocahaunted is Bethany and Amanda, two gals who play a mix of drone and psychedelic bliss and who we saw at SxSW with a band and thought it only right to pass along to you. They record on Not Not Fun, and have released a ridiculous number of albums, even if you only count the ones they've completed in the last year. One blogger we came across called them prolific, and we'll have to agree.

Check out "Riddim Queen" here, and listen to more from their recent Island Diamonds LP on their MySpace.

Pocahaunted - "Riddim Queen"

New Music Thursdays - Pocahaunted