SxSW 2009 Photos - Jane's Addiction @ The Playboy Party

Words by Erik Dane
Photos by James Trevenen

This year at the ever-awesome, always impossible to get into Playboy/E3 party during SxSW, our deepest fantasies were truly brought to life -- and not just by the Playmates strutting around in white bunny leotards. Rather, it was the emergence of Jane's Addiction, in full original line up with Eric Avery back on bass, Dave Navarro ubiquitously shirtless, Perry Ferrell and Steven Perkins back in their element, rocking as hard if not harder than they did almost two decades ago.

Opening with the sprawling, psychedelic epic "Three Days", Perry and team blasted through a set list that consisted of only tracks from the first three Jane's albums (XXX, Nothings Shocking, and Ritual De Lo Habitual), and the band sounded and looked ever as limber as they did in the early 90s, although without the rubber gloves, dreadlocks and dresses.

No strippers or crazy lights or theatrics either, just down and dirty punk/alt/psych/hard rock that Jane's Addiction invented, popularized and ultimately used to revolutionize a distinct musical era. Eric Avery's scowl matched his blistering bass lines, and if this early classics set was any indication of what we're going to get with the upcoming NIN/JA tour -- check out the free digital EP available now -- and what we can expect on the upcoming new Jane's album, then label us psyched and fully relapsed.

Jane's Addiction Playboy set list
Three Days
Standing in the Shower Thinking
Ted, Just Admit It...
Been Caught Stealing
Had A Dad
Mountain Song

Ocean Size

SxSW 2009 Photos - Jane's Addiction @ The Playboy Party