FADER TV: Little Boots Interview and Austin Tour Diary

We stopped a gracious Little Boots after her Wednesday night headlining set for an interview at The Levi’s®/FADER Fort where she showed off her outfit and we looked at the internet. Also, after the jump, we have a few of Little Boots’ personal photos from her trip to Austin and, after her recuperation, a wrap up of her first trip to Texas. Things get meta.

Little Boots says: This was my first time at SXSW. kind of feels like it’s been everything I expected and everything I didn’t all at once. I expected a trillion bands pouring out of every venue on every street. I expected most of them to be bad. I expected good bbq food, lots of beer and even more silly behaviour. i expected to see most of the London music industry relocated for a week. I expected to be worked to death. All of this came true. What i didn’t expect was… Kanye West coming to my show, doing a spontaneous duet with Kid Cudi, Perez’s incredible Aretha Franklin replica hat, dancing on stage to Kanye’s set, drinking frozen margaritas till i got head freeze, climbing a tree to watch Metallica, Telepathe’s synchronized dancers, playing in an unused power station, meeting two guys who had dressed identically every day for the last ten years and most of all so many people coming up to me randomly and telling me in all sincerity how much they appreciated my music. So all in all, despite all the cliches, pretty amazing. Bring on next year.

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