Audio: Justin Timberlake f. Lil Wayne, “I Heard Something”

Is Zshare or Mediafire worse? Zshare looped us forever and then gave us only a one minute snippet, whereas those “I’m not a spambot” letters you have to type into the Mediafire box are completely unreadable. ø?ßå???˜?˜all overlapped. Yeah I totally know what that says, computer! Lordy, the painful lengths we go to to hear Justin Timberlake and Lil Wayne. Anyway, now we’re past the pain of internet dementia (though we still have carpal tunnel) and this is good, mid-tempo crying at the alter of Quincy Jones (not that he’s dead) blue eyed soul. That bass sounds like it’s being played by McGruff the Crime Dog, shadowy in the way the person who finds the villains is cloaked, not villainous himself. Wayne, you sound like us rapping. Ok that’s not true no one has ever heard that and for good reason but you don’t sound like you, either. You sound like you are not tired but parched and not in space. You sound like you are in New Jersey waiting to get called for jury duty.

Stream: Justin Timberlake f. Lil Wayne, “I Heard Something” (snippet)

And here are some links to more new Wayne that may or may not be easier to download (Juelz uploaded them).

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