Brooklyn's McCarren Pool Parties Get Dates At New Waterfront Location And Head To San Fran

McCarren Park Pool has become a regular host for shows during the summer months, but now the infamous Pool Parties that made the Brooklyn pool a hot spot for shows is being relocated to the Williamsburg waterfront. 

McCarren Park Pool is being turned back into what it was originally designed for -- a swimming pool -- instead of the concrete haven it was morphed into, where swarms of music fans assembled with one real goal in mind; to listen to their favorite bands perform live during the hot months of summer. Now, the Pool Parties will be re-located along a strip of land by the East River, between North Eighth and North Ninth streets in Williamsburg. The land was designated as a skate park, and will instead hold the what-would-be McCarren Park shows at the location, which has room for 6,000 fans. 

According to Sarah Hooper and Alex Kane from Jelly NYC and the founders of the Pool Parties, there will be eight consecutive shows from July 12-August 30 at the Williamsburg Waterfront, and the show organizers are excited to have a new home with Manhattan as a backdrop. The "consecutive shows" refers to another new home the series will inhabit this summer as well.

The Pool Parties are also going national this summer, so even if you're not in the Brooklyn area, you can still experience the uniqueness of the free concert series out on the West Coast in San Francisco's Treasure Island. But don't fret, the fever behind the pool parties will still stand strong even if both locations are removed from their original locale. 

"It ain't a Pool Party without Slip 'n Slide or Dodgeball, so they will be there on the Williamsburg Waterfront and on Treasure Island. As well, expect a few new fun activities to keep everyone excited that we're going to announce very soon," said Hooper. "Best of all, unlike the intense heat of the concrete amphitheater that is the McCarren Park Pool, having shows on the waterfront will let everyone, for once, get to experience a little summer breeze at the Pool Parties. I mean, I will miss McCarren like you won't believe, but it's gonna be nice to not swelter!" 

But will it still be a "pool party" without the pool?

"We see the Pool Parties not just as another show, but a real 'party' -- a giant back yard BBQ with all your closest friends that the best bands in the business just 'happen' to show up at," Hooper continued. "We love to focus on the experience as a whole and can't wait to see how the West Coast kids react to free shows in their backyard." 

For now, the show's promoters are still working out the line-up as well as the staging and infrastructure for this summer. "There are a lot of questions at the moment that we do not have the answers to," said Kane. "We'll see what happens."

Brooklyn's McCarren Pool Parties Get Dates At New Waterfront Location And Head To San Fran