Freeload: DJ Class f. Kanye West, “I’m the Shit (Remix)”

We remember hearing rumors sometime around 2003 that the Neptunes were trying to commission Baltimore club remixes for some of their tracks, but never has the mainstream rap world been so interested in B’more club music than in veteran DJ Class’ timeless earthquake that is “I’m the Shit.” First Jermaine Dupri and Trey Songz hopped on it (without actually knowing whose song it was), then Lil Jon recorded an official remix, and now Amber Rose’s boyfriend/stylist Kanye West has marked his territory. Honestly this version is kinda our fave: Kanye is the most convincing singing about how he’s the shit, and Bmore heads will be pumped to hear Yeezy shouting out Unruly extensively. Win-win.

Download: DJ Class f. Kanye West, “I’m the Shit (Remix)”

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