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Freeload: T-Wayne "He Raps He Sings It's T-Wayne"


OMFG INTERNET, WE LOVE YOU. Not only did we unearth a single from the mythical T-Wayne (T-Pain f. Lil Wayne) project from your boundless coffers... the song is titled as though the two are embarking on some sort of Looney Tunes-style early 20th Century vaudeville act. So much better than the Itchy and Scratchy Show! As stated, T-Pain is rapping (murdering, really) on this track, while Wayne is singing his face off, all over a kind of devilish reggae beat. We are not mad, never were. In fact we're throwing a little confetti-and-coffee party in the office to celebrate the reality of T-Wayne. So, so real. So psyched.

Download: T-Wayne, "He Raps He Sings It's T-Wayne"

Posted: March 30, 2009
Freeload: T-Wayne "He Raps He Sings It's T-Wayne"