Chaos In Tejas Line-Up Anncounced

Since SxSW is over, it's time to get on to the next chain of events happening down in good ol' Austin, Texas. We've got this year's Chaos in Tejas line-up for you, and this year looks like it's going to be one of the best yet. 

The jam-packed weekend of music kicks off on May 20 at Red 7 with Ponytail, Harlem, Teenage Cool Kids and Yellow Fever, and will end on May 24 with three different shows. With performances by Propaghandi, Trash Talk, Times New Viking, The Cro-Mags, The Business, Nodzzz and The Strange Boys among others, It's bound to be a four day fiasco of punk and hardcore down in Texas and should not be missed. 

Chaos in Tejas line-up

Wednesday, May 20
@ RED 7 (all ages)

Chaos In Tejas kick off party with
Teenage Cool Kids
Yellow Fever

Thursday, May 21
@ Mohawk (all ages)

Trash Talk
Canadian Rifle

Thursday, May 21
@ Emo's (outside, all ages)

Skitkids (Sweden)
Crude (Japan)
Annihilation Time
FUK (England, ex-Chaos UK)
No Tolerance

Friday, May 22
@ Emo's (outside/inside, all ages)

Cock Sparrer
Brutal Knights
Peligro Social (last show ever)
Destino Final (Spain, ex-Invasion)
Hjertestop (Denmark)
Young Offenders
The Hex Dispensers

Friday, May 22
@ Mohawk

The Thermals
Shakey Hands

Friday, May 22
After Party @ Broken Neck (all ages)

World Burns To Death
Al (Japan)

Friday, May 22
After Party on the Bridge (Free, all ages)

Career Suicide

Saturday, May 23
Day Party @ Beerland

Career Suicide
Doomsday Hour

Saturday, May 23
@ Emo's (outside, all ages)

Judgement (Japan, only U.S. show)
Pierced Arrows (2/3 of Dead Moon)
AI (Japan)
Outlaw Order

Saturday, May 23
@ Emo's (inside, all ages)

Times New Viking
The Strange Boys
XYX (mexico)

Saturday, May 23
@ Red 7 (all ages)

The Business (England)
Krum Bums
The Broadsiders

Saturday, May 23
After Party @ The Broken Neck (all ages)

Severed Head Of State
Sacred Shock

Sunday, May 24
@ Red 7 (outside, all ages)

Harvey Milk
Crude (Japan)
Mind Eraser
Iron Age
Unit 21

Sunday, May 24
@ Red 7 (inside, free, all ages)


Sunday, May 24
@ Beerland

Special Guest
Young Offenders

Chaos In Tejas Line-Up Anncounced