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Freeload: Rick Ross f. Nas, "Usual Suspects"

Rick Ross has some sort of supernatural magnet heart that sucks producers' best beats out of their computers. If you are not psyched about Bigger Deeper Than Rap you are trying too hard. It's like Oprah not liking James Frey after he came clean except A Million Little Pieces was mediocre to begin with and Ross makes jams. Be mad about the lying in general if you want, but have you heard the songs coming on this album? Oof. Here's another one. And we're not going to spend one second trying to figure out if Ross is being clever by invoking a movie constructed entirely around an elaborate lie because this just makes us want to drink pina coladas out of six foot tall naked lady mugs and pretend we are rich.

Download: Rick Ross f. Nas, "Usual Suspects"

Freeload: Rick Ross f. Nas, "Usual Suspects"