Pet Shop Boys Talk About Studio Time With Brian Eno

We get pretty excited when people we think are cool collaborate. Hence, our growing glee over the Pet Shop Boys working with Brian Eno.

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe hinted to The Quietus recently that they'd worked with the legendary producer, and in a second interview a few days later, they got the skinny on the collaboration.

"We discovered that Brian Eno was in St. Petersburg, and flew over for a few days and we kept going back," Neil Tennant told The Quietus. "This was when we were planning our musical Closer To Heaven, and we asked if he was interested in producing it.

"We did a day with Brian in the studio, and his idea was to humanise the electronics, which was a good idea, we played keyboards live and it was quite interesting. It all fizzled out, which was a shame really as we were all quite into it. I think what Brian does is he helps people write songs, and we arrived with 12 songs."

Chris Lowe added that he thought the sessions could have been more fruitful: "we should have turned up with nothing," he said. With this in mind, Pet Shop Boys seem to be keen to reopen a relationship with the producer. "Maybe that’s an idea for album for us, where we go to Brian Eno to write songs," said Tennant.

"We always have all these songs, and it'd be an interesting starting point to go with nothing, a blank sheet," Lowe added. "And Brian Eno would definitely be a person to do that with."

So maybe nothing incredible and new coming our way courtesy of a Tennant/Lowe/Eno collab, but it looks like the seeds have been planted for the future. A fan can dream, right?

Pet Shop Boys Talk About Studio Time With Brian Eno