Schnipper's Slept On

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated recent release he thinks we need to know about. This week it's Ladyhawk's Shots. Download "S.T.H.D." here, buy the album here, read Sam Hockley-Smith's feature here and read Schnipper's thoughts on the album after the jump.

In February, Sam Hockley-Smith (whose birthday is today, who is wearing a luminescent shade of seafoam), went to western Canada and talked to Ladyhawk for a story about the band in FADER 53. Before he did that, he walked around wet Vancouver, waiting to talk to them. He didn’t express any loneliness to me, only calm. And he went on the weekend.

“’At this point, us even playing music is a miracle,’ says [Ladyhawk drummer Ryan] Peters. ‘All of our friends from high school have houses and kids and mortgages and shit like that. This is literally all I can do. I have no skills, but it makes me happy. And I have to be happy,’” read one part of the story. I need that self-interested fervor. I saw Ladyhawk play a few months after Sam spent time with them. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but Sam had an extra guest list spot. We ate vegetarian pho, and he hurried us. We got there so early the opening band had just started. But it turns out they were good, too. It was raining outside, so it wasn’t like I needed to be anywhere. When Ladyhawk started, their singer Duffy Driediger looked bigger than I thought he might be from the photos, thicker beard and gut. “I just wanna feel something other than fear/ I don’t wanna go back but I can’t stay here/ And I just wanna taste something other than tears/ I don’t wanna go home but I can’t stay here anymore now,” he sings on “Fear.” Then he just keeps singing it, first sad then rousing. “Anymore now. Anymore now. Anymore nowowow.”

When I was sixteen I met a girl that I did not like. Two years later I changed my mind mostly and started to date her and did so for the next two years. Last week she invited me to her wedding. Tomorrow I turn twenty-six. On Sunday my parents came to the city to have brunch to celebrate the other day because tomorrow they are going to Alaska for two weeks. They looked so cute, wearing matching yellow, though I don’t think on purpose. They bought me a forest green piece of luggage from Orvis. After they left I thought I might go to the movies. When I left the house it was too nice out, so I walked to the park by the water. The sun set over Manhattan, and then it was magic hour. I fell asleep on my back in the grass. I woke up when a ranger told me the park was closed and that I needed to leave, so I did. I need a hobby. My hobbies used to be music and writing. Oops.

Schnipper's Slept On