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Schnipper's Slept On

Each Tuesday, FADER editor Matthew Schnipper highlights an underappreciated recent release he thinks we need to know about. This week it's Fadanuf Fa Erybody, with a special note from reader John Adrianse. Buy Fadanuf Fa Erybody and read Schnipper and Adrianse's thoughts on the album after the jump.

FADER has a weekly show, The Let Out, on
East Village Radio. I occasionally give out my cell phone number on the air and ask people to call in. No one ever has. But two weeks ago I got a text message. It was on a Monday afternoon, days after the show aired, and I had not given my number out for some time. The text message said I should write a Slept On column about Odd Squad. I had no idea who it was from, nor was I sure that Odd Squad was entirely slept on. But the anonymous text messager (who identified himself at first as just John, and then John A.), was persistent, and I asked him, if he felt so strongly about Odd Squad’s lack of place in the sun, to write the column himself. He did, it is below and his photo is above.

But first a note on John A’s guest column: it sounds tiring to pursue new music that way. I’ve been writing this column just short of a year now, trying to illuminate solid bright spots within the large deluge of recent musical releases. I spend a lot of time with music, personally and professionally, and occasionally it is difficult for me to remember there is music to listen to that is not A River Ain’t Too Much To Love. But then I am piqued by something and I delve into the new wonder of new music. This year I have been struck by songs or albums by Ladyhawk, Abe Vigoda, Telepathe, Electrelane, No Age, Wild Yaks, Thao Nguyen, Deerhunter, Aaron Ross, Lykke Li and a small infinite number of others. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to write about some of these bands and musicians, effusive mini-rant profiles that really come from a warm place of Norman Rockwell goodheartedness. I just want to share my joy. But this music world can get narrow and difficult, a rat race of infinitesimal coverage. The fiendishness with which music is devoured is at once admiral and abominable. We need an even pace and a cooler temperature. That is what I yearn for Slept On to provide and I am proud that even one reader has looked at it as a safe space:

Sometimes I worry that I read more about music than I actually listen to it. Right now at my “job” I’m afforded hours and hours to peruse the FADER & Allmusic & the ’fork & the like. So I have my iPod and I am “listening” to things... but not really listening to them. I spend more time reading about what’s going to be the cool new band or song, or what is the cool old band or song that only cool people know about. I could have David Bowie singing about “War-hole” but the next thing I know I’m reading Grace Jones’ wikipedia page and somehow that makes me think that I need to listen to De La Soul. But by the time I’m barely halfway through "All Good" (Slept On within a Slept On) then I think I need to listen to the newest Let Out on East Village Radio. But when I get to EVR I queue up Ronson’s show too and check out both playlists to see which one I really want to “listen” to. Then I have to read an old review on the ’fork to tell me if I really like something or not. And then I have to check out old top 10/25/100/year-end lists and count how many of the albums I own on said list. If I have more than half of them I feel accomplished for some reason. Because I actually paid American dollars for the CDs or records. I’m guessing whoever made those lists got the albums for free from record labels or something.

I bet Devin, Jugg & Rob don’t care about that shit.

So I suggest you just sit back and stop reading things and listen and enjoy.

Odd Squad, "Can’t See It"

PS: Rob is blind.

Schnipper's Slept On