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Video: Beautiful Swimmers, "O Yea"

Have you ever been to suburban Maryland? It's kind of boring. A few years ago Silver Spring tried to change their image and had a serious marketing campaign—sides of buses, street banners, local print ads—advertising that they'd become "Silver SprUng." I mean, the one Jamaican place is great and that movie theater is really thorough, but what else are you going to do aside from lust for the inner side of the Beltway? If you are the two members of Beautiful Swimmers, I guess you are going to pet your dog, buy a lot of janky musical equipment, toke, watch infomercials, think about water sports and live out the musical adulthood that passed you by as small children. The mostly instrumental duo have a funky new 12-inch out next week and "O Yea" is its B-side. Cut to a video of a completely uncomfortable Lycra workout: "O Yea" is a Kraftwerk fastforward with industrial strength drums and a lot of synth washing. Maybe what they are really doing in the suburbs is watching Blade Runner with the sound off, trying to figure out what it would be like as music.

Video: Beautiful Swimmers, "O Yea"