Maria Taylor Says To Expect A New Azure Ray Record

[Photo by Autumn De Wilde]

Her third solo album, LadyLuck, was released yesterday, she just got back from Europe and she's getting ready to set out on a massive U.S. tour, but Maria Taylor is already thinking of what's ahead -- and it looks like lady luck just may be on the side of Azure Ray fans.

In an interview for an upcoming feature on The Tripwire, Taylor told us that she and former Azure Ray band mate Orenda Fink think it's been more than long enough since their last musical effort together, and they're ready to give it another whirl.

"Well when I get back from the U.S. tour I have two weeks off and then I go back to Europe for another month, and then, I don’t know. ... I kind of want to keep touring as much as I possibly can for this record, but then there’s also some talk that Azure Ray, we might work on another record together.

We feel like it’s been long enough. It’s been like five years, six years. And Orenda, who was my partner in Azure Ray, she actually just moved to Los Angeles, as well. So before it was like, I mean everything was great between us but we just didn’t see each other that much so I didn’t know if it was ever going to happen, but now she lives right down the street and I see her every day, so it just seems like something we should do. We’re both really excited about it."

Stay tuned for more on Maria Taylor and a sneak peak listen to tracks from LadyLuck in our upcoming feature.

Maria Taylor Says To Expect A New Azure Ray Record