New Music Thursdays - Real Estate

[Photo by New York Rockmarket]

They list as their influences The Beach Boys, The Boss and just plain ol' New Jersey. And Real Estate are definitely a beach rock band -- but it's a style that begs to reinvent the genre rather than hearken to its heyday. Or the Jersey Shores. Whichever.

Real Estate is Matt Mondanile, Martin Courtney, Etienne Duguay and Alex Bleeker. They just released their debut 7" "Suburban Beverage" on February 1. (You can pick one up at a show -- they play Pianos in NYC April 11 and Public Assembly in Brooklyn on May 7 -- or order one from Underwater Peoples). The white 7" vinyl comes with a CD of the tracks.

In a recent interview with Stereogum, Courtney said that as for "Suburban Beverage", "the songs on that were recorded mostly by me with Matt before the band really coalesced." They also told Stereogum that they're working on a second 7" to be released on City Center. They're recording it themselves, and they don't have any ideas a on possible release date yet.

We'll be interested to see what this new recording produces, since we were pretty impressed by what they've done so far. Check it out for yourself -- we've got "Suburban Beverage" for you below.

Real Estate - "Suburban Beverage"

New Music Thursdays - Real Estate